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Wellness / Med Spa

La Costa
Look And Feel Your Best With MedHero!

La Costa Services

We place a special focus on wellness at our Medspa in La Costa, CA! We offer many different services ranging from facials to custom vitamin ordering for a healthier life. Below,  you can see a list of the specific services that this location offers clients in the La Costa area.

IV Therapy

Get a boost of hydration and revitalize with essential vitamins and minerals!

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of your shaving routine? Laser hair removal gives you freedom — and more time to focus on the rest of the day, vacation, or event!

Juvederm / Versa Filler Injections

Restore volume on your face or add some luster to your lips! With several options to choose from, we’ll help you find what’s right for you!

Custom Vitamins & Supplements

We all have busy lives and different needs — we create custom vitamin packs to make it easy to get what you need to be healthy.

SkinPen (Microneedling)

Resurface fine lines and enlarged pores, eliminate the look of acne scars, and brighten your complexion!


Undo the signs of aging. Botox relaxes muscles that make the face looked stressed, reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

IV Vitamin Injections

Boost your mood, energy, and your immunity with various vitamin injections.


All natural, longer lasting, and eco-friendly, sugaring is an alternative to traditional waxing.

WarmSculpting Body Contouring

Non-invasive, permanent fat loss for those stubborn areas! We can treat arms, abdominal area, thighs, bra bulge, and more.

Chemical Peels

This advanced facial add-on is ideal for various skin issues such as hyperpigmentation.


Flush out toxins and reduce cellulite with this French technique. A great post-treatment after WarmSculpting!


Vivace combines two powerful and effective advance treatments — microneedling and radiofrequency — for tightened, youthful, skin.


Advanced radiofrequency ablation goes deep into the skin for a transformative treatment for wrinkles and scars!

Skin Care Products

MEDHERO believes that true beauty come and starts from within. Further, we believe in empowering others. If that means clearer, healthier, or more youthful skin, then we’re here to help.