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Melanostop Depigmentation Peel

What is the Melanostop Depigmentation System?

The Melanostop Depigmentation Package is a minimally invasive add-on to microneedling. This treatment uses tranexamic acid both topically and transcutaneously to attack pigment from multiple pathways. This solution reduces the excessive vascularization that characterizes melasma, acts on the inflammatory process that occurs after acne and scarring and regulates the production of tyrosinase, which helps form melanin. The end result is the reduction and elimination of hyperpigmentation resulting from melasma.

What is tranexamic acid?

This highly effective ingredient treats melasma and pigmentation issues by inhibiting tyrosinase and controlling melanocyte proliferation, along with decreasing the inflammatory component of melasma and reducing the excessive vascularization of the condition. In a 2018 study from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc., tranexamic acid was deemed the most effective ingredient for treating melasma.

It is used in this treatment at several depths of the skin.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

This innovative treatment combines different methods to target hyperpigmentation at different levels of the epidermis to thoroughly counteract melasma’s effects.

What does the Melanostop Depigmentation System entail?

We will begin this treatment by numbing the face and applying the melanostop peel, which acts on the visible pigmentation on the upper layers of the skin. The Depigmentation solution is then microneedled into the skin to reach lower layers of the skin.

What ingredients are included in the Depigmentation solution?

This solution is a powerful blend of tranexamic acid, Vitamin C, idebenone, and NAG (n-acetyl glucosamine). It is a transcutaneous solution that acts to regulate melanin production and remove the melanin present in epidermal cells, responsible for visible pigmentation. It contains antioxidant agents that regulate melanin overproduction as well.

What is the length of this treatment?

The treatment takes around 45 minutes. A series of treatments (spaced two-four weeks between) is recommended. After three treatments, we will assess for further sessions.

Can Melanostop Depigmentation be combined with other treatments?

This treatment is combined with microneedling which enhances cell renewal and induces the synthesis of new collagen as well.

Is this treatment painful?

We will numb the face so little to no pain is felt during the course of the treatment.

Is there anything else I should know?

A series of at least three treatments is recommended. A consultation is always a good place to start so that your provider can create a customized treatment plan for you.