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Pre and Post Microneedling Care

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Whether you’re a beauty guru or not, we’re certain that you’ve heard all about the microneedling craze, have seen the at-home dermarollers, and heard about the amazing benefits. What many don’t know are the pre and post microneedling care or how important these phases are to the success of the procedure.

Pre and post microneedling care is fairly simple as long as you have the right tools. If you have microneedling done at a clinic, the pre and post microneedling may be more demanding but also yield more dramatic results.

Here are MEDHERO’s pre and post microneedling care tips:

If done at a clinic:

Who it’s for:

People who want to see actual results and dramatic improvement. You can spend hundreds of dollars on facials, cleansers, toners, and any skincare and it will do little to reverse the effects of acne scarring and sun damage on the surface.


$200-$500 per treatment depending where you go and if you would like to add plasma-rich platelets to your treatment (also know as PRP, this is a procedure that uses your own blood and adding it to your treatment to quicken and optimize healing)

Procedure estimated time:

30 – 45 minutes (approx 30 minutes to numb and 15 minutes under the needles)

Recovery time:

You’ll start seeing results in about one week. You will notice a more even skin tone, as well as brightness and tightening of the skin. Full recovery is about 2-3 months.

How it works:

Microneedling done at a clinic consists of a pen-like tool with many “microneedles” (hence its name) that create controlled injuries on the surface of your skin which triggers collagen production.


Depends on the severity of your skin, how many treatments, and where you go — results can be pretty dramatic. Many clients do 2-3 treatments. It also depends on the tool the clinic uses. SkinPen is the ONLY FDA-approved microneedling device, which is the only microneedling device we use at MEDHERO.

If you have been battling acne scarring, have uneven complexion, fine lines, and wrinkles and have and have been wanting a dramatic change — getting microneedling done at a clinic will give you dramatic results

Pre Treatment

Before you receive your first microneedling treatment, it is highly suggested that you get a facial so that any acne such as white heads and black heads are extracted from your face. If no extraction or treatment on current acne is done, microneedling can push these further into your skin and active acne being punctured can infect the rest of your face.

Another precaution would be to keep your face sunburn-free as microneedling can further damage healing skin.

Lastly, it is not suggested to get the treatment when you are on your menstrual cycle or expecting it within a day or two as women are more susceptible to pain during their cycle and are less hydrated. This does not cause any complications and some women may not even feel a difference but recovery requires lots of hydration which women on their menstrual cycle lose as their bodies go through the process.

Simply put, pre microneedling care is to get a facial beforehand and avoid the sun. 

What happens during the procedure

A clinician will use a numbing cream 30 minutes before treatment. This helps the patient to feel less of the needles during the procedure. A clinician will take the SkinPen tool and gently go over your face in a swiping-like movement as well as in circles. The more a spot needs resurfacing, the deeper the clinician will go. Some patients don’t feel much of the procedure and some may wince at these deep treatments. After the procedure is over, we provide a mask to cool and comfort your skin and send you home with post-treatment creams or products for the next 72 hours.

Also, don’t forget to bring a hat to protect your treated face for your drive home! Your hat will be your best friend for the next 7 days post treatment.

Post procedure

Your SkinPen® treatment comes with two post-treatment creams to use for the next 72 hours. For the first day, use these creams or products given by the instruction of your clinician. The next day, cleanse your skin with a very mild soap (we highly recommend a cleanser without harsh chemicals or anything with acne medication or exfoliants) in the morning and use the SkinPen® Rescue (white and blue bottle) cream. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight and wear a broad spectrum sunblock whether you plan to be outdoors or not.

Post microneedling may dry out your skin so use the Rescue cream as needed throughout the day. Do not use any other cleansers, toners, or moisturizers and cleanse your face with only tepid water for the rest of the day. Use a cleanser before you go to bed at night. Repeat this for the next day. After 72 hours, you may introduce your regular routine with the exception of exfoliants or acne-medicated cleansers. Allow your skin to heal for 7 days after treatment before exfoliating or using acne medicated cleansers.

We highly recommend introducing a Vitamin C serum if you do not already incorporate one in your routine. If you have any questions regarding your treatment at any time, please contact us and we are more than happy to help!

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