Urgent Care Services

Pediatric Care

Pediatric services are any kind of medical evaluation or treatment your newborn, toddler, young child, or teen need.

IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is essential for getting fluids and medications into your body so you can recover more quickly and prevent a trip to the hospital.

Immunization & Vaccines

Immunizations and vaccines are essential for keeping you healthy and preventing the spread of serious communicable diseases.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are any overuse or impact injury that develops while training, exercising, or playing sports.


An X-ray is one of the oldest, yet still most effective, solutions for quickly diagnosing causes of pain or inflammation.

Physical Exam

Even if you’re generally healthy with no personal or family history of chronic disease, you still need routine physical exams.

Employer Resources

Employer resources include medical services you may need as an employee or that your employer requires you to get.


Telemedicine is a way to access premium medical care through your smartphone by a local Board Certified Emergency Physician.

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